Salt Cave Therapy

Welcome to the Salt Cave at Southmount Healthcare Centre. Our facility provides sessions of Salt Therapy that benefit one’s health, mental and physical well-being, as well as beauty. At Southmount our approach to wellness is total integration between tradition and natural medicine. With the many benefits salt has to offer we recommend scheduling some time to relax and enhance your overall condition by breathing in and feel the benefits of Himalayan Salt.

Salt Caves have proven for years to aid many different medical ailments, including ailments for infants and children.

To ensure the purest quality, we used the world famous himalyan salt crystals in building our salt room. A specially designed halo-generator is used to disperse dry saline aerosol from the Natural Himalayan Rock Salt. The temperature and humidity are electronically controlled which ensures the salt particles are properly absorbed by the body. This natural micro-climate is complimented by unique ambiance, tasteful design, dimmed lights, relaxing music and comfortable zero gravity lounge chairs, each with a comfy blanket.

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